Your new home is like a fresh canvas. Trust us to restore your finest treasures to their full glory before you move them.

When clients began asking us years ago to suggest a restoration service they could trust, we did some research to find out who
did the job best. Then we asked them to partner with us, and become part of our company.

Museum-quality restoration, priced right for you.

Just like everyone on the team, our restoration staff is highly trained on expert techniques and model practices. They are trained in restoration of:Before-and-after-gallery-2

  • antique furniture
  • fine art and sculpture
  • stone, plaster, granite, marble, and metalwork
  • oil paintings and frames
  • artifacts and collectibles

Our on-staff experts take pride in their work and hold themselves to the highest standards. They do it all at prices you can manage and, of course, they pick up, package, and deliver your pieces themselves so they’re handled with care every step of the way.

Members of the American Institute for Conservation, the New England Museum Association, and Historic New England.

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